New PUFL Policy.

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New, simplified PUFL program Explained;

Question: What is Paid Up For Life Membership? Answer: Paid up for life membership is a lifelong membership plan of the American Legion. It ensures you receive all the benefits of Legion Membership for life. Lifetime membership is paid either in one payment giving you immediate savings offer or charge to your credit card in 12 equal monthly payments. Once you fulfill your membership dues, you'll never pay another dime in American Legion membership dues.
Question: How is my cost calculated? Answer: Starting on Jan 1, 2014, The American Legion rolled out a new, simplified procedure and cost calculation formula. Go to www.legion.org/join/PUFL to get your personalized offer.
Question: What if my Post dues increase? Answer: Being a Paid up For Life Member will protect you from any future dues increases at the post, department or national levels. That alone can save hundreds of dollars over the lifetime of your membership.
Question: What about my subscription to the American Legion Magazine and other member benefits? Answer: As a Paid Up For Life member, you'll have a life-time subscription, plus receive all active benefits of the American Legion membership for life. And once your lifetime membership dues are fulfilled, you'll receive a permanent plastic card identifying you as a lifetime member. You'll also receive an annual American Legion membership card each year.
Question: Am I eligible? Answer: Anyone who is currently an American Legion member or who is eligible for membership may become a Paid Up For Life member.
Question: Why does Paid Up For Life seem to cost more than other organizations' "Life" memberships? Answer: National Headquarters maintains a special PUFL trust. Money from this trust can only be used to pay annual dues to your post, department and national headquarters, Though we can't speak with authority on how other organizations set up their "Life" memberships, they may not pay annual dues to the local, state, and national organizations, resulting in a different cost structure.
Question: What if I transfer to another post? Answer: You may transfer your PUFL membership to another participating post.
Question: How do I become a Paid Up For Life member? Answer: Its easy. Just go to www.legion.org/join/PUFL (click above) and enter your name and member ID number. There you can choose to pay by credit card or print out the personalized form and mail it in with your check.
Question: What if I still have questions? Answer: Call our customer service phone number: (800-433-3318) Monday-Friday.


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