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Hot News of the 10th District.

**Updated 01/15/2020**


** Go HERE to view some pictures from Aug 9, 2019

of the Gold Star Mothers Memorial.

** Check our new Last Bugle Memorial Page.

** We are partnering with Klein Hall in Chippewa Falls,

Click HERE for more info!

** The New Legion Coin, Click HERE to read more.

** Click HERE to see a copy of the Badger Legionnaire Magazine.

** Details of the last DEC. This was at Klein Hall, Nov 9, 2019.

Click here for more INFO.

** Click here to see our Campaign Page.


*** To quickly go to any of the articles in Hot News, click one of these titles! ***

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VA- Mobile App- Newsletter- Medicare Supplement- Insurance- Historian Workbook- PC Guide-

Veterans Benefits- Wisconsin Benefits- Military Wallet- Legal Resources- Badger Boys State-

Other pages = IRS Updates Veterans ID- PUFL- Identity Theft- Post Excellence Award- Mesothelioma- Awards Page-



Today's Trivia Question:

What other name is there for the Bermuda Triangle

The Answer: The Devils Triangle

The apexes are to belived to be Bermuda, Miami

and San Juan Porto Rico.


2019-2020 Playoffs are here!

We ended up at 13 - 3, with a Bye to start.

Our First Playoff Game is Sunday 1/12/2020.

Pro Bowl is 1/26 at 2:00 PM.





American Legion has established a Website for all Posts,

Officers and Members.

Click HERE to start and to see what it looks like!

Here is a copy of the MyLegion Handout to learn how to use it.

There is now also a new tool to use to look up any member.

Click HERE to see more info. This tool could come in

handy for finding friends or transferees.




American Legion has established a new link to view Legislative issues.

Click here...




Remember the Four Pillars of the American Legion! Still Serving!




Here is a link to the U.S. Dept of Veterans Affairs

also check this site for "Sign Up For Email Updates" from the VA.

For information about VA benefits and services that you may be eligible for,

visit www.Explore.VA.gov

Check out this chart released by the VA.



Our Department Adjutant, Amber Nikolai sent this out

to be distributed to all members! Print these also.

Options Brochure

Billing and Payments

Veteran Care Agreement

Community Care Booklet


Message from the Network Director

Good Morning Valued Stakeholders-


We are writing to remind you that we are on the eve of the

first major milestone in MISSION Act implementation.

The MISSION Act is landmark legislation, passed in a bipartisan

manner with the strong support of Veterans Service

Organizations.This is a pivotal time for VA.

We are strengthening VA health

care and empowering the Veterans we serve with more care options,

and it begins tomorrow, June 6th.

My VISN 12 team and our Medical Centers have worked diligently over

the last few months in preparation for this day.

This week I have visited a different medical center every day,

rounding with Community Care staff, Medical Support Assistants

and Call Center staff. I have been extremely impressed with

their knowledge of the changes coming with the MISSION Act

and engagement in assisting our Veterans with questions.

I have attached additional documents to further inform you

and your staff on the MISSION Act.

1.) MISSION Act VA Health Care Options Brochure. This brochure

was included in the original ZipFile, but would like to note that

this has been mailed to every Veteran enrolled with the VA.

2.) MISSION Act Community Care Booklet. This booklet expands

on the information provided in the Health Care Options brochures.

These booklets will be available at every VA Medical Center.

VA- FS Veteran Care Agreements. This fact sheet outlines how a community

provider can establish a Veteran Care Agreement with the VA.

VA-FS Billing and Payment. This fact sheet outlines information

related to co-pays.

Our Medical Centers are anticipating increased call

volume tomorrow and have developed local operating centers

to ensure calls are triaged appropriately.

We have equipped our staff with all of the appropriate training

and information for them to assist all of our customers.

If you receive questions/issues you are unable to address locally

please feel free to reach out to the Acting VISN 12 Public Affairs

Officer, Kathleen Kennedy. She can be reached by phone at

224-275-5261 or via e-mail at Kathleen.kennedy2@va.gov.

June 6th is just the beginning. VA will continue to

evolve and lead in the months and years to come,

enhancing our care, services, IT systems, and programs

for the benefit of America’s Veterans.

Thank you,

Victoria Brahm, MSN, RN, VHA-CM

Acting Network Director, VISN 12



New American Legion Mobile App now available.

A new App has been developed that offers several reasons to

join the nation's largest veterans organization, along with with a

direct route to join, renew donate

or find a local post from any smartphone or electronic tablet.

This App is available from Google Play Store. Download the App there.

After clicking below, enter Legion in the search box.

Click Here...



National Legion Website Newsletter.

If you go to the National American Legion Website and scroll down

to the yellow box labeled; "Choose Your Newsletter", and click it,

you will walk through a questionnaire to enter your ID number and Last

Name. You can then click on the newsletters you want in your email.

This website is also available on the Home Page.

It may take a while for their database to be updated.



Does your Historian need a great tool to

record the history of your Post?

The American Legion has a workbook that can really be a great tool.

Click Workbook to get a copy.

Or click here Centennial Workshop Guide. to get a copy of ths guide.



The Legionaire Insurance Trust.

The Legionaire Insurance Trust now has an online enrollment site that

can be used to enroll for the no cost for $5000 Accidental Death Benefit.

Click Here to download this Media Kit

Click Here to print copy of this memo.

Click Here to go directly to their Enrollment Site.

Here are some articles released March 11th about this Insurance.

The Postcard and The Legion Care letter.

Dept Adj Amber has sent this Handbook to give more info.

Here is a Letter from the Insurance carrier that you need to read.



Legion Sponsored Medicare Supplement Policy.

Check out this Press Release concerning

the American Legion Sponsored Medicare Supplement Policy.



Here is a website with Wisconsin Veterans Benefits.

Wisconsin Veterans Benefits



Here is a website with a large collection

of Veterans Benefits.

Collection of Veterans Benefits




District 10 Bylaws and Constitution

Here is a new copy of the 10th District Constitution

Here is a new copy of the 10th District Bylaws

These are the clean copies that were voted on in April.


For those Posts and Countys that may need to recover their Bylaws,

here is a Suggested Constitution and Bylaws to start with.



CVSO Lookup Page.

No matter where you are, there is a CVSO standing

by to assist any and all Veterans. Find yours here!

Wisconsin CVSO by County



New VA Veterans ID Card.

Starting in November of 2017, the VA will be issuing new

Official Veterans ID Card.Get yours here!

Veterans ID Card


Here is a list of very important Wisconsin

Legal Resources for Military and Veterans.

Legal Resources



New Membership Kit.

As we celebrate a 100 YEARS of WHY – you can use these tools to

tell your story. There are candidates, find them. BE LEGION PROUD!

Here are some Printouts to asist your efforts.

The Posters are fillable with your Post Info.

Click HERE to get a copy of the Kit.

Click HERE to get a copy of the Recruiting FAMILY Poster.

Click HERE to get a copy of the Recruiting Flyer.

Click HERE to get a copy of the Uncle Sam FAMILY Poster.

Click HERE to get a copy of the Uncle Sam Flyer.



Camp American Legion Update.

Click HERE to get a copy of the latest Wish List.

Click HERE to get a copy of the latest 2019 Season Program.




Badger Boys State Information

This years session will be June 13-20, 2020.

This will be the 79th session in this state.

Go HERE for more information.


Here is a video that you may enjoy!


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