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There is now a new committee;

It is called the Nominations & Leadership Mentoring.

Members will consist of all of the Past Commanders.



Here are the Members of the other Committees

for the 10th District

Committee Member Contact Phone County
Membership Larry Larson 1-715-410-7937 Membership Coordinator
Cal Briggs 1-715-690-4020 Barron County
Richard Webb 1-715-283-4338 Buffalo-Pepin Countys
Mike Reidel 1-715-226-1627 Chippewa County
Christopher Larson 715-309-9830 Dunn County
Roderick Anderson 1-715-874-6709 Eau Claire County
Paul McDonough 1-715-307-1212 Pierce County
John Helgeson 1-715-386-2002 St Croix County
David McCrea 1-715-538-2006 Trempeleau County


Committee Sub Committees Members Contact Number
Americanism Category Badger Boys State Steve Isensee 1-715-667-3528
Legion Baseball OPEN  
Education & Scholarships Brian Flaskrud 1-715-271-9995
Election Verification Gerry Gully TBA
Boy Scouts Buzz Thompson 1-715-597-2498
County Youth Government OPEN  
Oratorical Steve Isensee 1-715-667-3528
Shooting Open  


Veterans Affairs and Rehab, Natl Defense Committee Members Contact Number
Camp American Legion OPEN  
Minneapolis VA Donna Swenson 1-715-220-1357
Chip Falls Veteran Home Earl Chawa 1-715-668-5661
VHRP (Klien Hall) Ken Piel 1-715-533-2732
Suicide Awareness Rita Rindall 1-715-533-1024
Public Relations OPEN  
Buddy Checks Mike Riedell 1-715-226-1627
Legislature Kathryn Vandermolen 1-602-692-2751
Blood Donor Steve Isensee 1-715-563-3179


Standing Committes Members Post Contact Numbers EMAIL
Finance Jerry Morrow 121 1-715-760-1210 jerryjeanmorrow@gmail.com
Cal Briggs 194 1-715-690-4020 rolbri@chibardun.net
Mike Riedel 159 1-715-226-1627 mtriedel2003@yahoo.com
DEC Laison Steve Isensee 326 1-715-563-3179 sisensee1954@gmail.com
Policy and Resolutions Dan North 267 1-715-237-2993 denorth@citizens-tel.net
Donna Swenson 204 1-715-220-1357 jtrok@att.net
Richard Webb 181 1-715-283-4338 jandrwebb@wwt.net
DEC Laison Larry Larson(3) 121 1-715-410-7937 larrylarson103@gmail.com
Time and Place Richard Vandermolen 159 1-360-410-7322 rickathy@gmail.com
Larry Werner 77 1-715-450-0349 joanlarry.werner@gmail.com
Gerald Townsend 98 1-715-651-1403 gatownsend76@hotmail.com
DEC Laison Ken Piel 291 1-715-533-2732 funemt2000@yahoo.com


ALERT!! If you see a Committee Opening that you would like to fill,

Email the Commander. Email on Home Page.




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