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We are the Mighty 10th District of

the American Legion located in the

State of Wisconsin. We have 58 Posts

with 5309 members in these counties:

Barron, Buffalo, Chippewa, Dunn,

Eau Claire, Pepin, Pierce, St Croix,

and Trempealeau.


Larry-1 Larry-1 Larry-1


Their reign runs July 21, 2021 thru July, 2023.

Here is a photo of our Commander; Larry Larson



Here are the District Officers for the 2021-2023;

Here are the Past Commanders of the Mighty Tenth District back to 1919, just updated!

Office Name Home Phone Cell Phone EMail Home Post
Commander Larry Larson 1-715-410-7937   larrylarson103@gmail.com River Falls 121
1st Vice Commander Rita Rindal 1-715-533-1024   usmc02@hotmail.com Osseo 324
2nd Vice Commander Aimee Korger 1-715-456-7947   pinkhappyturtle@gtmail.com Eau Claire 53
3rd Vice Commander Mike Riedel 1-715-226-1627   mtriedel2003@yahoo.com Cadott Post 150
Adjutant Steve Isensee 1-715-667-3528 1-715-563-3179 sisensee1954@gmail.com Boyd Post 326
Chaplain Marilyn Galoff   1-715-495-5042 mjgaloff@wwt.net Elmwood Post 207
Service Officer Phil Landgraf   1-715-386-4759 philliplandgraf@sccwi.gov New Richmond Wi.
Sgt at Arms Jeremy Nordie   1-608-792-0109 imgoofyjmn@aol.com Ettrick 354
Sgt at Arms Jerry Townsend   1-715-651-1403 gatownsend@hotmail.com Cumberland Post 98
Judge Advocate Nicholas P. Lange   1-715-556-2163 nick@tainterwoods.net Menomonie 32
Historian Bruce Wozniak   1-651-295-9174 brucewozniak@gmail.com Stanley 112
Information and Technology Officer Roland "Cal" Briggs   1-715-690-4020 rolbri@chibardun.net Cameron 194

Here is a copy of the New Dept Directory.



Auxiliary Dept President; Linda Coppock.


Auxiliary District President; Margaret Larson.


Check this Page for Articles Submitted by the Auxiliary.

WI American Legion Auxiliary Website


Dept SAL Detachment Commander:Chris Sherman.


District SAL Squadron President: Jason Brantner.

Home Post: Eau Claire Post 53

Phone Number: 1-715-523-9486

EMail: brantnerja15@gmail.com

Here is the latest Sal Membership Standings!

American Legion SAL Website


District Legion Riders President: Tony (Earl) Mack.


Home Post: Baldwin 240

Phone Number: 651-261-1516

EMail: tmackrf@aol.com

EMail: wi.dist10alra@gmail.com

Check District Legion Riders Page for more information on things happening!


These are the County Commanders

and their home town Posts.

District Officer Assigned County Commander Phone Email Home Post City Membership as of Aug 12, 2022
Aimie Korger Barron Roland "Cal" Briggs 1-715-690-4020 rolbri@chibardun.net Post 194 Cameron Wi. 14.75%
Rita Rindal Buffalo-Pepin Richard Webb 1-715-283-4338 jandrwebb@wwt.net Post 181 Durand Wi. 29.67%
Aimie Koger Chippewa Richard Vandermolen 1-360-510-7322 mtriedel2003@yahoo.com Post 159 Cadott Wi. 37.14%
Mike Riedel Dunn Christopher Larson 1-715-309-9830 randajosh@yahoo.com Post 131 Colfax Wi. 39.29%
Mike Riedel Eau Claire Roderick Anderson 1-715-874-6709 rnj@wwt.net Post 53 Eau Claire Wi. 39.12%
Larry Larson Pierce Paul McDonough 1-715-307-1212 donut54761@gmail.com Post 365 Plum City Wi. 34.60%
Larry Larson St. Croix Jerry DuBois   dubfam@frontier.net Post 80 New Richmond Wi. 43.25%
Rita Rindal Trempealeau David McCrea 1-715-538-2006 davidmcrae52@icloud.com Post 191 Whitehall Wi. 18.99%


Department Standings by District!

The 10th District is in 4th Place at 32.36%

The 2nd District is in 1st Place with 36.22%

The 1st District is in 2rd Place with 34.26%


New Dept Commander is Julie Muhle, 2022-2023



New Dept Exec Officers, notice the 10th District Influence!

Check Calendar to see where our Commander is.

Click HERE to see the Commanders

New Membership Incentives.


National Standings: June 28, 2022

Wisconsin is in 29th Place with 94.19%

Minnesota is in 37th Place with 93.08

Puerto Rico is in 1st Place with 105.57%

National shows a 94.53% for 2022!

We now have a total of 1,493,050 Paid Members!

Here is the latest National Totals



National Commander 2021 - 2022:

Paul E. Dillard from Texas.


100% 2022 Membership Posts

All District Officers would like to recognize the Posts and

Counties that have reached or exceeded 100% Membership.

County Post Date reached 100%
Trempealeau Whitehall Post 191 09-24-2021
Dunn Wheeler Post 235 11-24-2021
Eau Claire Fairchild Post 466 11-24-2021
Pierce Prescott Post 61 03-17-2022
Chippewa Stanley Post 112 03-24-2022
Pierce River Falls Post 121 04-15-2022
Barron Barron Post 212 04-29-2022
Trempealeau Ettrick Post 354 05-12-2022
St Croix Wilson Post 330 05-12-2022
Dunn Downing Post 232 05-19-2022

Here is a 2021 Archive page of past 100% Posts!



In 2019 we are celebrating 100 Years as the American

Legion. Established in 1919 in France consisting of

a group of WWI soldiers ready to come home and didn't

want to lose track of each other, so they formed a group

soon to be sanctioned by Congress, as The American Legion.

Lets all get together and assist by letting your community

know that we are 100 years old. Contact Emblem Sales for all

the apparel and emblems to display.

Here is a page that shows the history of the

100 years the Legion has been around.


Print this Flyer to see our new shirts.

Click HERE to order one.


100th National Conference was back at Minneapolis in 2019!


Other Legion Websites within the 10th District;

Alma Post 224

Cameron Post 194

Cumberland Post 98

Ellsworth Post 204

Maiden Rock Post 158

Menomonie Post 32

Rice Lake Post 87

River Falls Post 121

Somerset Post 111

Barron County

Dunn County

Email us any website you as a Post or County want to add here.


Other Veterans Websites within the 10th District;

Vietnam Veterans of America Chapter 5 of Eau Claire.


These are some of the Facebook Pages of Posts.

Wisconsin 10th District.

Wilson Post 330.

Chippewa Post 77.

Chippewa County Council.


Visitors;  since Aug 1, 2022

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