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Upcoming District Conferences:

  Spring Conferences. Fall Conferences.
Year Hosting Post Dates Hosting Post Dates
2019 Osseo Post 324 April 5,6,7 Augusta Post 291 September 21
2020 Cancelled Cancelled Cancelled Cancelled
2021 Cumberland Post 98 April 10,11 Boyd Post 326 September 18
2022 Eau Claire Post 53 April 2,3 New Richmond Post 80 October 1st
2023 River Falls Post 121 April 29 Brackett Post 550 September 16
2024 Plum City Post 365 April 27 Chetek Post 179 September 21

The next Conference is scheduled for September 21, 2024

and has been planned to be at Chetek Post 179.

Conference will be for one day, Saturday only.

Please get your list of deceased to Marilyn Galoff,

by Sept 1st to be included in the Memorial Service.

Please include Branch of Service and Date of Passing.

EMail: mjgaloff@wwt.net or mail to 225 N. Public St.

Elmwood WI 54740


We really need some posts to host the upcoming conferences.

Contact someone on Time and Place Committe if you wish to host.

The following Committee determines the validity of a Post's

request to host a District Conference. Please contact one

of them to plan your next hosting effort.

Here is a list of all the District Spring Conferences.

Committee Members Contact Numbers
Time and Place Richard Vandermolen 1-360-410-7322
Larry Werner 1-715-450-0349
Gerald Townsend 1-715-651-1403


The Conference in River Falls was April 29th, 2023.

Here are some pictures of that event.






Wisconsin American Legion College (WALC).

Print this College Training Guide to assist you in your training.

Print this College Training Application. to assist you in your training.

There will be a Virtual Classes Mar 10-11 and 20-21.

This will be for the Advanced Course.

Print this Announcement for the details,

or go HERE for a complete schedule of WALC training.

Here are some pictures of those that have attended




State and National Conventions.

Dept Conventions

2024 Appleton

2025 Green Bay

2026 Appleton

Go to www.wilegion.org for more Dept. info.

National Conventions

Aug 23 - 29, 2024 New Orleans LA.

Aug 22 - 28, 2025 Tampa FL.

Go to www.legion.org for more National info.




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