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The Post Excellence Award program honors posts that show

excellence in membership participation,

youth activities, community service, and support to

veterans and U.S. troops.

At the last Fall National Conference, there were some

made as to the requirements. Click on the following for the details

Award Changes.

Award Updated Form.



*Membership*. Post membership must be one member more than the

previous year, At least one post officer must attend district meetings.

*Youth activities* The post must sponsor and actively participate

in at least one primary youth program: Boys

State, Legion Baseball, the Oratorical Contest,

Boy Scouts of America, or Junior Shooting Sports.

*Consolidated Post Report* CPR's must be submitted

by July 1st. The American Legion's federal charter requires

the submission of an annual report to Congress on activities

for the year. MyLegion.org has made it simple for a Post to submit

its CPR in a timely manner.

*Sharing of Post History* The American Legion's Centennial

web page www.legion.org/centennial allows posts to convey its legacy

by sharing historical photos, videos and print material. For instructions

on how to create a post profile go to


*Community service* The post must organize a community

service project that involves members of the Legion

Auxiliary or Sons of The American Legion. A monetary donation

must be only a part of a project.

*Service to troops or veterans* The post must organize a

project supporting troops or veterans ( example. Family

Support Network or Operation Comfort Warriors), that involves

members of the Legion, Auxiliary, or SAL outside

the post. A monetary donation may only be one part of a project.

*Certification* District commanders must certify posts

as having fulfilled the four specific criteria, and submit

a list of the post's name, number, address and

commander's name to department headquarters. If possible,

accompany with copies of press releases submitted to

local media that raises awareness for the projects and

enhance the Legion's public image.

*Awards* Each qualifying post, as well as district commanders

whose districts have at least 50 percent of posts

reach certification, will receive a certificate of recognition.


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