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The Consolidated Post Report (CPR) was established

in 1975 in order to assist departments in the documentation

of the various activities a specific post has done during the

twelve-month reporting period, June 1 through May 31.

The CPR may be the most beneficial document the post

will complete. The post’s information, combined with that of

other posts, is used when the National Commander and others

testify on Capitol Hill on behalf of all veterans. Each post

has a story to tell and when we speak collectively our strength

is magnified. If the post did not participate in a program listed

on the report, or if unable to get the information by the

requested date, leave the section blank. If the post only has

one program, then that should be the one reported. If you can’t

get exact amounts or numbers, please make a reason-able estimate

You need to review this Training

article to show what it really is.


Here is a Fillable Form.




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