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An urgent message about coronavirus.

Dear American Legion Family and Friends,

The enemy we are facing isn’t hiding in the bush.

Nor has it buried a roadside bomb

unbeknownst to us. Yet the enemy is just as dangerous and deadly.

The coronavirus has been classified as a pandemic by the

World Health Organization. The number

of people who will test positive for the potentially fatal

COVID-19 remains unknown, but there

are steps we can take, and must take, to protect ourselves

and help our fellow veterans and citizens.

I encourage you to use extreme caution and adhere

to the best practices put forth by the

health experts. Namely properly wash your hands frequently,

use antibacterial rubs and practice “social distancing.”

Coronavirus is particularly dangerous for those

over the age of 50 who contract it so please

be cognizant of the risks when planning post activities and functions.

At the same time, this is an excellent opportunity to

perform Buddy Checks. Check in with

older veterans in your communities to make sure

they have the supplies they need, are feeling

healthy and help them acquire the resources they need.

Of course, Buddy Checks can be done

with phone calls and emails so as not to risk

spreading or contracting coronavirus.

The coronavirus situation will be changing rapidly

so we have to be nimble in our approach to

serving our communities, states and nation.

Among the best resources to follow are the Centers

for Disease Control and Prevention (cdc.gov) and the

World Health Organization (who.int).

Let’s also keep our thoughts and prayers with our

servicemembers especially those overseas,

our National Guardsmen, first responders and others

who will be taxed in coming months. They

need our support now more than ever.

We have faced down enemies, foreign and domestic,

throughout our nation’s history. While this

threat is ominous, we will once again work together to overcome it.

James W. “Bill” Oxford

National Commander




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